Tasmania Jobs and Investment Fund supported projects

The following projects have been supported under the Tasmania Jobs and Investment Fund.

Application organisation Project description Grant amount (excl. GST) Expected Total investment (excl. GST) Proposed new Jobs (FTE) Project Location
Abtec Pty Ltd Expansion of a live seafood holding facility at Lower Longley through the construction of a new building, purchase of fully-enclosed marine aquarium systems, and installation of a refrigeration system. $196,206 $588,620 4.5 Lower Longley
Aquitas Beverage Company Pty Ltd (trading as William McHenry and Sons Distillery) Construction of a cellar door, functions pavilion, and accommodation at the distillery at Port Arthur. $133,000 $400,000 10 Port Arthur
Ashgrove Cheese Pty Ltd Purchase of equipment to increase butter production at Elizabeth Town.  $84,000 $256,100 5 Elizabeth Town
B G and J M Barwick Pty Ltd Construction of a concrete tyre holding bay and purchase of equipment to establish a used tyre shredding business at Bridgewater. $144,334 $433,002 2.5 Bridgewater
Bernacchi Lodge Pty Ltd Renovation of Bernacchi Lodge (a former Australian Antarctic Division training facility) within the Central Plateau Conservation Area into premium accommodation. $340,748 $1,053,248 9 Central Plateau
Bison Management Pty Ltd Purchase of equipment at Scottsdale to enable on-site erection of steel framed buildings. $110,000 $358,315 4 Scottsdale
Blokker Pty Ltd Expansion of bulb processing facilities, construction of a bulb treatment shed, and refurbishment of the bulb drying shed at Wesley Vale. $139,000 $631,510 8 Wesley Vale
Blue Derby Pods Ride Pty Ltd Development of a premium mountain biking experience and luxury accommodation pods within the Derby Regional Reserve. $475,000 $1,425,000 8 Derby
Burlington Berries Pty Ltd Expansion of growing area under poly tunnels at Cressy. $1,288,147 $3,865,443 79.4 Cressy
Carrowdore Pty Ltd atf Houstons Unit Trust (trading as Houston’s Farm) Conversion of an existing salad leaf farm at Cambridge into a berry farm, including the purchase and installation of poly tunnels, growing tables and irrigation systems. $780,000 $3,500,000 55 Cambridge
CCRW Pty Ltd (Stefano Lubiana Wines) atf Cygnet Vineyards Family Trust Redevelopment of a defunct winery and purchase of vineyard equipment at Cradoc. $283,793 $851,380 4 Cradoc
Clark Windows Tasmania Pty Ltd Purchase of equipment to expand and automate double glazed window and door product manufacture at Smithton. $318,000 $954,000 10 Smithton
CMTP Pty Ltd (Branxholm Sawmills (Tas) Establishment of a post peeling line and treatment plant at Scottsdale to supply posts to the agricultural sector. $165,000 $699,972 6.3 Scottsdale
Costaexchange Pty Ltd Expansion of a distribution centre and modified atmosphere storage facility at Devonport. $1,400,700 $5,201,700 130 Devonport
Cuillins Pty Ltd atf The Mountford Trust Conversion to a hydroponic, above-ground, strawberry growing system under poly tunnels at Longford. $488,000 $1,525,000 14 Longford
De Bruyn Holdings Pty Ltd Construction of an aquaculture harvest vessel at Margate. $592,022 $12,592,022 12 Margate
Dematin Pty Ltd (trading as Bridgestowe Lavender Estate) Enhancement of tourist amenities, warehousing, and despatch facilities, and expansion of manufacturing capacity at Nabowla. $380,127 $1,151,900 12 Nabowla
Fair Interests Pty Ltd atf BHB Investment Trust Expansion of a holiday park, including the construction of cabins, camping sites, and amenities at Boat Harbour. $100,000 $354,911 3 Boat Harbour
Flowerdale Flowers (Tas) Pty Ltd atf Flowerdale Flowers Unit Trust Purchase of a flower bunching machine and thermal buffer tank and construction of a processing shed at Wynyard. $159,500 $573,020 3.3 Wynyard
Freshline Marketing Pty Ltd atf The Woolston Commercial Trust Expansion of a lamb feedlot and processing facility at Cressy. $135,424 $408,272 6 Cressy
Handsoffthebrake Pty Ltd (trading as Brady's Lookout Cider) Construction of a cider mill, purchase of production equipment, and development an agri-tourism venture at Rosevears. $105,000 $404,000 1.5 Rosevears
Island Berries Tasmania Pty Ltd Purchase and installation of packaging equipment and an industrial freezer at Cambridge. $79,000 $238,412 5.9 Cambridge
J&L Enterprises Pty Ltd (trading as Discovery Early Learning Centres) Construction and fit out of an early learning facility at Bridgewater. $400,000 $1,303,265 13 Bridgewater
King Island Links Pty Ltd Construction of accommodation units at the Cape Wickham Links golf course on King Island. $600,000 $2,040,000 15 King Island
Lease 15 Pty Ltd (trading as Pipe Clay Oysters) Purchase of infrastructure and equipment to develop a juvenile oyster raising facility at Norfolk Bay. $150,000 $458,500 6.2 Clifton Beach
MIC Pty Ltd Expansion of the 'Marine Inspector and Cleaner 2.0' (aquaculture net cleaning equipment) production and servicing facility at Hobart. $123,912 $371,737 5 Hobart
Mill Farm Berries Pty Ltd Construction of a berry production area at Wattle Hill, including poly tunnels, irrigation and fertigation infrastructure, and sheds. $141,491 $424,473 8 Wattle Hill
Neville Smith Forest Products Pty Ltd Construction of a turnkey pelletising plant and garden stake processing plant at Mowbray. $442,666 $1,328,000 12.5 Mowbray
Nile Farm Pty Ltd (Gleneagles Management) Restoration of John Glover’s home and renovation of an exhibition room at Deddington for the cultural tourism market. $300,000 $1,199,333 7 Deddington
Norfolk Blinds Pty Ltd atf The Norfolk Trust Purchase of an aluminium cutting system for blind rails at Burnie. $50,000 $160,000 5 Burnie
One Atmosphere Pty Ltd Design, construction and fit out of an aviation and defence equipment manufacturing facility and administration offices at Hobart. $1,078,830 $3,236,490 16 Hobart
Optimo Awnings Pty Ltd atf Smith Preece Unit Trust Construction and fit out of a workshop and powder coating facility to build aluminium-framed awnings at Longford. $358,000 $1,074,064 8 Longford
PFG Group Pty Ltd Design and fabrication of stanchion and walkway moulds for the manufacture of aquaculture sea pen components at Hobart. $292,853 $910,239 9 Hobart
Pivot Maritime International Pty Ltd Purchase of equipment and facilities for the manufacture and display of large-scale Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) simulators at Legana. $417,249 $1,251,750 26 Legana
Pumphouse at St. Clair Pty Ltd atf Pumphouse Unit Trust Construction of a pavilion and accommodation pods at Lake St Clair. $250,000 $750,000 5 Derwent Bridge
Pure Foods Tasmania No 2 Pty Ltd Upgrade of processing facilities and purchase of equipment for the smokehouse at Woodbridge. $105,000 $315,000 2.5 Woodbridge
RACT Destinations Pty Ltd Construction of eco-accommodation pods at Freycinet Peninsula. $1,000,000 $5,842,600 11.5 Freycinet Peninsula
Ranchax Pty Ltd atf The Lords Hotel Unit Trust Refurbishment of a heritage style building and enhancement of accommodation at Scottsdale. $85,130 $259,130 1.5 Scottsdale
Recycal Pty Ltd Purchase of a shredder to process and recycle pressing steel (including white goods and cars) at Launceston. $2,083,000 $6,250,000 33 Launceston
Saunders & Ward Pty Ltd Purchase of a large-scale, computer controlled, steel machining centre at Hobart. $357,059 $1,071,178 7 Hobart
Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd Purchase of a marine vessel and deck equipment for mussel production at Triabunna. $311,488 $934,558 8.0 Triabunna
SRT Logistics Pty Ltd Redevelopment of a refrigerated warehouse and purchase of transport infrastructure for perishable freight at Devonport. $600,379 $1,819,332 20 Devonport
Star Theatre Pty Ltd Renovation and reopening of the heritage Star Theatre cinema at Launceston. $200,000 $600,000 8 Launceston
Tasmanian Berries Pty Ltd Establishment of table-top grown strawberries under poly tunnels at Exton. $434,913 $1,304,739 17 Exton
Tasmanian Eel Exporters Pty Ltd atf The Finlayson Family Trust Construction of an eel aquaculture facility at Bagdad. $400,000 $1,690,781 13 Bagdad
The Agrarian Kitchen Pty Ltd Construction and fit out of an eatery, store and functions area at New Norfolk. $130,000 $390,000 12.5 New Norfolk
Timberlink Australia Pty Ltd Purchase and integration of an X-ray and acoustic grader into the sawmill processing line at Bell Bay. $50,000 $694,273 1 Bell Bay
Top Centre Laundry Pty Ltd Purchase of industrial laundry equipment and a building extension at Devonport. $268,603 $805,810 7 Devonport
Upper Murray Seeds Pty Ltd Construction and fit out of a turf and specialty seed processing facility at Cressy. $435,000 $1,963,217 12 Cressy
Valhalla Ice Cream Pty Ltd Purchase of ice cream production equipment and reconfiguration of a factory at Hobart. $163,730 $491,210 8 Hobart
VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd Upgrade of the precast concrete manufacturing yard at Ulverstone to enable year-round concrete manufacture and a reduction in curing time. $153,450 $460,350 3 Ulverstone
Westhaven Dairy Pty Ltd Purchase of yoghurt and cheese production equipment at Launceston. $257,330 $771,990 12 Launceston
Westminster 1257 Pty Ltd Construction of a boutique lodge on Bruny Island. $590,000 $2,800,000 16 Bruny Island
William Smith & Sons Pty Ltd Upgrade and expansion of cider production facilities at Grove. $149,566 $448,700 3 Grove
Wursthaus Pty Ltd Expansion of the smallgoods and meat processing area and installation of a meat portioning machine at Cambridge. $138,000 $415,129 6 Cambridge
Ziggy’s Supreme Smallgoods Pty Ltd Expansion of a retail outlet, and purchase of equipment for specialty smallgoods processing at Hobart. $137,350 $412,053 13 Hobart

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