Event type: Study Course


Module 1: 15-21 May 2021

Module 2: 25-30 July 2021

Module 3: 5-10 September 2021

Module 4: 28 November – 3 December 2021

Participants must commit to attend all modules in order to graduate.

Cost: $9,000 (incl. GST)

Venue: Various

Presented by: Department of Defence

Course overview

The Defence and Industry Study Course (DISC) aims to promote a better understanding of and engagement between Defence and industry in order to improve Australia’s defence industry capability. DISC brings together participants from Defence, government and industry and exposes them to key aspects of the environment in which Defence and industry operate and collaborate in order to successfully deliver and sustain equipment for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The course provides a professional environment for forging lasting networks with cohort members together with extensive networking opportunities with key decision makers from within Defence, government and industry. Participants will also work in syndicates to undertake a research activity and develop deliverables centred on current issues.

The course runs for approximately 28 days, and comprises 4 modules spread over a 7 month period. Course delivery has been modified to ensure the capacity to meet COVID-19 restrictions. The delivery model is a flexible mix of virtual and live activities, potentially using hubs should COVID-19 restrictions be applied.

Course objectives

The course objectives are as follows:

  • to enhance the relationship between Defence and industry by promoting a shared understanding of capabilities and processes
  • for industry to develop an informed understanding of the Defence structure, how Defence Groups/Services interact, and how Defence operates
  • for Defence/public sector to develop an informed appreciation of how companies — at different levels in the sector — operate, interact, and plan, including their different drivers and business motivations
  • to develop on-going networks between Defence and industry peers to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of interactions
  • to expose all participants to the functions and use of military equipment in the operating environment
  • to provide access to Defence and Industry sites and senior personnel to facilitate knowledge transfer and engagement, particularly on lessons learnt

Who should apply?

The DISC is an asset for all executives seeking to expand their knowledge of Defence and industry as well as those aiming for senior management roles. You should apply if you are:

  • a manager, project manager or key member working in a position in a company engaged, or planning to be engaged, in business with the Department of Defence
  • a member of the ADF (MAJ-COL (E)) or a defence employee (Executive Level 1 - SES 1)
  • an employee of another Australian Government or State/Territory agency at executive level

How do I apply?

It is very important that you read the ‘Conditions of Participation’ in the Application Form.

Prior to lodging your application to attend the course, you must get endorsement from your employer and acknowledge this in the application form.

Your nomination will then be considered by a selection panel.

To find out more and download an application form, visit the Department of Defence.