The Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) is seeking leap-ahead proposals for High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Radio Frequency/ High Power Microwave (HPRF/HPM) technologies.

Research areas and themes

Directed Energy (DE) Defence Systems are potentially disruptive solutions for a range of challenging Defence applications. With the rapid maturation of DE systems, based on HEL and HPRF/HPM technologies, DE solutions are becoming a significant subset of the layered defence capability which includes both offensive systems and counter measures for a multitude of continually evolving threats.

Proposals are sought in the field of DE technologies and systems, within the following broad focus areas:

  • novel DE concepts, technologies, techniques and Defence applications
  • methods and approaches to hardware and software integration into DE systems
  • DE effects, including human effects, countermeasures and protection

Ideas for proposals relevant to building future DE technologies and defence systems capability can be drawn from, but are not limited to, the following list of technology and system themes:

HEL technologies:

  • Sources, power scaling, mitigation of parasitic effects.
  • Component development and fabrication, pumps and pumping methods.

HPRF/HPM technologies:

  • Primary power supply, compact energy sources and components, voltage charging systems.
  • Pulsed power supply, pulsed conditioning schemes and fast switches.
  • Antennas, compact with high power handling capability.

DE system integration:

  • Optimising size, weight, and power (SWaP), wall-plug efficiency (WPE), heat exchange, high temperature operation.
  • HEL beam delivery, high power capable telescopes and substrates, beam combination, stabilisation and pointing technologies and systems.
  • Target aiming, illumination, acquisition and tracking technologies and systems.

DE system effectiveness:

  • Influence of environmental conditions and effects, atmospheric propagation.
  • DE-target effects characterisation, optimisation, potential for collateral damage.
  • Physics and engineering models of the DE systems, propagation and effects.

DE protection:

  • Advanced materials and methods for protection of humans, electronics/ systems, platforms and critical civilian infrastructure.

Support for successful proposals

The NGTF will contribute up to $12.2m funding to support innovative proposals from industry, academia and Government-Funded Organisations (GFO) which identify and pursue niche DE Science and Technology (S&T) areas critical for future Australian Defence capability. Proposals are expected to span over a multi-year timeframe and the overall progress will be assessed on an annual basis.

Am I eligible?

Potential suppliers wishing to respond to this procurement will be required to fully comply with and meet the following conditions for participation:

  1. Clause 5 - Statement of Tax Record.
  2. Clause 8 - Defence Security requirements.
  3. Applicants must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) to participate in this procurement.

Have a look at the ‘Conditions for Participation’ document for more information on how to comply with and meet the proposal conditions.

How do I apply?

The call for proposals closes at 2:00pm (AEDST) on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Submissions are to be made via AusTender.

Direct any questions or concerns you may have regarding this Request for Proposal (RFP) in writing to the Contact Officer at

Proposers may submit questions or concerns to the Contact Officer up until 5 working days prior to the closing time specified in the Tender Details Schedule.

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