Defence Cooperative Research Centres

The Defence Cooperative Research Centre (Defence CRC) program will create a number of research centres that bring together industry (particularly small to medium enterprises), academia and publicly funded research agencies to foster mission driven research into priority technologies that will future-proof Defence capability.

The Defence CRC program builds on the successful CRC model. A Defence CRC will be mission driven (top-down) with specific goals and objectives that align with future Defence needs.

The program will deliver the following outcomes:

  • develop next generation technologies relevant to Australia’s defence and national security sectors;
  • develop intellectual property (IP) that is available to industry participants for commercialisation and delivery of capability to Defence;
  • develop improved or new technologies to make the Australian defence industry more efficient, competitively priced and productive;
  • foster collaboration between Defence, industry and research organisations ;
  • increase SME participation in collaborative research;
  • improve research skills and capabilities in the Australian defence industry and;
  • improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of the Australian defence industry.

A successful Defence CRC will drive the development of technologies and systems to a stage of maturity that can inform Defence capability managers of how the technology will contribute to future capability.  Industry participants will be responsible for commercialisation or broader exploitation of technology developed with the centre.

Find out more about the Defence CRC program on the Grants and Assistance page, or have a look at the Defence CRC program factsheet.

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