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Where a technology is identified as having an appropriate Defence application, Defence is able to work with the company, business or organisation through the Defence Innovation Hub, and provide a level of funding, so that the technology can be matured in a collaborative way.

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Innovation proposals are accepted all year round and Special Notices are published as needed.

About the Defence Innovation Hub

The Defence Innovation Hub is an initiative of the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement and will invest around $640 million over the decade to 2025-26 in maturing and further developing technologies that have moved from the early science stages into the engineering and development stages of the innovation process. It is an exciting initiative that will pull together research institutions, academia, industry and innovative technologies.

The Defence Innovation Hub facilitates innovation activities from initial concept, through prototyping and integrated testing.

Development of innovations procured through the Defence Innovation Hub will fall into four distinct phases depending upon the current maturity level of your innovation:

  • Phase 1: Concept Exploration Phase
  • Phase 2: Technology Demonstration Phase
  • Phase 3: Prototype System Phase
  • Phase 4: Integrated Capability Development Phase.

While successful respondents will be initially engaged by Defence to deliver one of the four phases above, Defence is interested in progressing each innovation through this innovation cycle into a mature, usable capability. As part of your proposal, you will be asked to nominate a phase in which to enter the Hub; however Defence may propose an alternate phase as part of the assessment of your proposal.

You will be asked questions about your entire innovation initiative or project, as well as more detailed phase-specific questions relating to your proposal.

Innovation priorities

The Defence Innovation Hub seeks proposals aligned with the following six capability streams:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Space and Cyber
  • Key Enablers
  • Land Combat, Amphibious Warfare and Special Operations
  • Air and Sea Lift
  • Maritime and Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Strike and Air Combat.

The Government will announce innovation priorities within these streams for each financial year. This may involve changes to priorities from year to year.

View the current Defence Innovation Hub priorities.

Intellectual Property Strategy

The Intellectual Property Strategy explains the Defence Innovation Hub’s approach to intellectual property (IP). It seeks to achieve an appropriate balance between the commercial interests of industry and those of Defence. A fundamental principle of the IP strategy is that Defence will not seek to own IP created in connection with the Defence Innovation Hub unless there are compelling reasons to do so, such as national security.

Innovation Contract template

The contract template has been designed to increase incentives to innovation and attract interest from industry through its user-friendly and plain English design and flexible collaborative structure.

Our new contracting arrangements assist in streamlining contracting procedures to make it simpler and less costly for Australian industry to do business with Defence. You can expect greater collaboration with Defence and considerably reduced time to contract execution.

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear them.

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