Follow up on your proposal

The status of your proposal can be viewed in the Innovation Hub Management System Dashboard. You will need your login details to view your proposal.

Questions about a lodged submission can be made to Defence via online enquiry, or email directly to (quoting a relevant proposal number if applicable).

Please note that:

  • CDIC business advisers are not authorised to view proposals once you have submitted them to Defence
  • Defence is responsible for responding to queries about the status of submitted proposals
  • your questions, and the answers provided by Defence, may be published without disclosing your identity or any details in your proposal, where this would be of benefit to other entities considering making a submission. Refer to the Terms for further details.

What happens after I submit my proposal?

Shortly after you lodge your smart form, you will receive an automated email with a reference number confirming that your submission has been successfully received by the Defence Innovation Hub. You should use that reference number in further communications with Defence.

If you have not received a confirmation email shortly after submitting, you can confirm the status of your proposal via the Dashboard. If the proposal status remains as Draft, you should re-submit the proposal. If the proposal status displays Initial Proposal Assessment, your proposal has been received and is being assessed.

Defence will assess your submission in accordance with the assessment criteria and submission terms.

To reflect the Government’s priorities for innovation investment for a financial year, Defence will give priority in its assessments to the current FY priorities. However there is no guarantee that all submissions aligned to the highest priority, or any identified priority, will be progressed.

Following the assessment of submissions and balance of investment considerations, Defence will determine whether a submission is:

  • successful – Defence will invite you to participate in a Request for Proposal process, which will be subject to its own terms
  • unsuccessful – based on the assessment the proposal does not have the capacity to meet Defence’s needs or the proposal does not sufficiently satisfy any one of the assessment criteria
  • suitable, but not successful – the proposal has the capacity to meet Defence’s needs, but due to balance of investment considerations, it cannot be progressed at this time. Defence may elect to place your submission on hold (see clause 10 in the Terms).

Defence will advise you of the outcome of the assessment of your proposal as soon as practicable.

Can I withdraw a submission?

Yes, you can withdraw a submission at any time by submitting an online enquiry via the Dashboard. Further details can be found in the Terms.

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