Rapid Assessments

A Rapid Assessment is a way for Defence stakeholders to quickly obtain answers from industry and academia about:

  • Defence capability gaps and opportunities, or
  • the technologies available in the market to address capability gaps, opportunities or risks.

When a Rapid Assessment is needed, the Defence Innovation Hub will engage businesses or other organisations to participate. It is a short-term, low-cost procurement.

The end product of a Rapid Assessment is a report that Defence can use to inform judgements about future applications of technology to Defence capability. Rapid Assessments do not involve technology development.

Rapid Assessments are run as needed and are driven by Defence’s strategic force design and capability needs.

How participants are selected and engaged

Participants may be engaged in a Rapid Assessment through:

  • standing-offer panels
  • limited tenders
  • open tenders.

Where open tender is used, the opportunity will be advertised on AusTender and the Defence Innovation Portal. Responses to an open tender will undergo a value for money evaluation.

The Defence Innovation Hub will undertake market research to inform selection of the most appropriate industry participants. This will include seeking advice from capability managers and assessing the market’s capacity to undertake the procurement. In considering participants the Hub will take into account:

  • the level of technical expertise required to answer the question and the availability of this expertise within entities
  • the breadth and depth of experience of entities
  • the prior performance of entities
  • the balance of entity size
  • security considerations, which may include Defence Industry Security Program membership.

Contract model and intellectual property

The Defence Innovation hub has developed a variety of contracting models specifically to support Rapid Assessments. These models seek to provide agility and flexibility for both Defence and industry. Under all contract options the aim is to deliver the Rapid Assessment within six months of contract execution.

With a Rapid Assessment the intellectual property resides in the final report, which is owned by the Commonwealth.

Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation program

Rapid Assessments differ from the Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation program (RPDE), which ran from 2005–2016. The RPDE program involved both concept exploration and the development of technology, while Rapid Assessments solely explore capability questions. Rapid Assessments seek to deliver a service similar to the RPDE program’s Quick Look and Quick Answer services, using different procurement methods.

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