FAQs - Proposal submission

What are the submission categories?

The Defence Innovation Hub has two submission categories:

  • Priority Innovation Needs
  • Special Notice.

When can I submit my innovation proposal?

Apart from Special Notices, there are no rounds or specific submission times. The Defence Innovation Hub accepts proposals at any time throughout the year.

Who will assess my proposal?

Defence will assess your proposal. In consultation with participants, the Defence Innovation Hub assessment team will refer proposals that are found to be more suited to early research investment, through to the Next Gen Tech Fund for assessment.

What should I expect from the Innovation Proposal Submission Form?

The deliberately brief Innovation Proposal Submission Form asks for high-level information about your idea and your business.

What happens after my Innovation Proposal Submission Form is submitted?

Defence will assess your proposal in accordance with the published assessment criteria. If Defence is interested in your idea, you will be asked to complete a more detailed proposal through a Request for Proposal  pack that will be tailored for your specific proposal. 

Can I submit a detailed proposal up front?


Who can help me during this process?

The CDIC can assist you in the development of your proposal at any stage prior to submission. They can also assist you during the Request for Proposal stages to understand the Defence market and respond to the Request for Proposal. Please note the CDIC will not have access to your proposal while it is being evaluated by Defence.

What are the Priority Innovation Needs?

The Priority Innovation Needs are driven by the new force design process as outlined in the First Principles Review.

Find out more about the innovation priorities.

What is a Special Notice?

From time to time, Defence may have a need for a more specific requirement that you may be able to respond to. These will be categorised as Special Notices and will be advertised on the Defence Innovation Portal as they arise.

What if my idea does not fit in these categories?

If your innovation proposal does not neatly fit within the one of the six capability streams, but you feel it would be of value for Defence to consider, submit it within the “None of those listed” category within the Innovation Proposal Submission Form.

Can I submit my proposal through AusTender?


Will my information be secure?

Information surrounding your application and personal details are kept secure during the application process. The nature of the submission process will not require you to reveal any classified information. The Innovation Hub Management System is not designed to handle national security classified information, so you should ensure you do not submit classified information. If in doubt, talk to a CDIC adviser.

How will I hear about my proposal’s progress?

Be sure to check your emails and Innovation Hub Management System Dashboard regularly to keep up to date with the status of your proposal. See Follow up on your proposal.

What if I am unsuccessful?

If your idea is not progressed by Defence you can work with the CDIC advisers who will assist you to connect with other opportunities. You will also be able to seek specific, constructive feedback on your assessment from Defence.

Will there be any opportunities to workshop ideas collaboratively?

Yes. The Defence Innovation Hub will work with successful participants to negotiate contract objectives and outcomes so as to support the maturing of their technology in alignment with Defence capability needs. The Defence Innovation Hub may also recommend other companies or research organisations that you might wish to talk to for future collaboration opportunities. Subscribe to the CDIC newsletter to be informed of industry briefing events that are held from time to time.

Will primes be favoured over small to medium enterprises (SMEs)?

No, Defence recognises the innovative capability of SMEs, academia and research institutions and is actively encouraging ideas from everyone. All eligible businesses and organisations are encouraged to apply and each proposal will be assessed on its own merits, in accordance with the assessment criteria.

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