Grand Challenges Program

The Grand Challenges (GC) Program facilitates large-scale collaborative research with companies and academia, seeking solutions to significant defence and national security challenges. It is a major component of the Next Generation Technologies Fund.

The highly complex nature of the modern defence environment means that real capability breakthroughs require a collaborative, cross-disciplinary research effort. Large strategic challenges require a national effort. The GC Program provides the scale and intensity needed to make a difference. It brings small agile companies, including start-ups, larger companies and academic researchers to work alongside Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group scientists.

All GC projects are mission-focused with clearly-defined end goals. The program is risk tolerant to promote innovation recognising that some outcomes may not be in line with initial expectations.

Detail for specific Grand Challenges and how to apply will be provided via Special Notices under the Call for Submissions.

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Podcast: Countering improvised threats

The first Grand Challenge program focused on countering improvised threats. The inaugural project director, Shane Canney, says there was an overwhelming response that bodes well for the future of the Grand Challenges.

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