Strategic Research Program

DST undertakes an ongoing program of strategic research initiatives aligned with Defence priorities. Where a specific new concept or technology domain shows potential to be developed into game-changing capabilities, further research will be undertaken under the auspices of the Next Generation Technologies Fund, using partners from across the innovation enterprise. The ongoing development of Australia’s hypersonics research program, for example, could be facilitated under the Next Gen Tech Fund.

Cyber research

Australia faces emerging threats, some of which require game-changing capabilities as a response. For example the 2016 Defence White Paper recognised that, over the next 20 years, the strategic environment will be shaped by complex, non-geographic threats including in cyberspace. The Next Gen Tech Fund will be used to enhance the strategic partnership with CSIRO Data61 to shape national cyber research capability and conduct joint research in cyber and wireless networks. The partnership will undertake research collaboration, co-fund and co-direct academic research projects with leading Australian universities, and co-supervise and finance PhD scholarships on a large scale. Four strategic themes have been identified:

  1. Influence and Analytics
  2. Sensing and Effects
  3. System Design for Resilience
  4. Autonomous Systems.

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