Current opportunities - Next Gen Tech Fund

The Next Gen Tech Fund supports research projects through a range of collaboration vehicles, including the Grand Challenges program and Defence Cooperative Research Centres. The majority of funding opportunities under the Next Gen Tech Fund are published as special notices. These describe a specific requirement that you may be able to respond to.

Open opportunities are:

Currently unsolicited proposals cannot be considered by the Next Gen Tech Fund. However, you can submit an unsolicited proposal to the Defence Innovation Hub.

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How your proposal is assessed and funded

Your proposal will be assessed by subject matter experts within Defence Science and Technology (DST), or externally if required, for its potential to deliver game-changing military capability. DST will manage most proposals that are funded through the Next Gen Tech Fund and some will be managed by our external partners, such as Data61 and the Defence Materials Technology Centre.

Proposals originally funded through the Next Gen Tech Fund during the early research and development phase may seek future funding through the Defence Innovation Hub as the proposal matures. However, generally a single proposal will not receive funding from both the Next Gen Tech Fund and the Defence Innovation Hub at the same time.

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