Next Gen Tech Fund priorities

The Next Gen Tech Fund will focus on research and development in emerging and future technologies and develop early ideas into innovation concepts that could be further explored and matured through the Defence Innovation Hub.

The priority areas for the Next Gen Tech Fund are:

  1. Integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance - effective enterprise intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance integration and interoperability with our allies will provide a capability edge through superior battlespace awareness.
  2. Space capabilities - de-risking Defence's dependence on space-based systems through technical expertise and enhanced capability agility.
  3. Enhanced human performance - including enhancing soldiers' resilience and ability to interpret and use data in the battlefield.
  4. Medical countermeasure products - establishing and coordinating a national infrastructure for the rapid development of medical countermeasure products to provide effective protection of Defence personnel from a range of chemical, biological and radiological threats, pandemics and emerging infectious diseases.
  5. Multidisciplinary material sciences - investigating technological advances to reduce detection of ADF platforms and improve ballistic and shock protection. Exploring materials and processes that support advanced manufacturing.
  6. Quantum technologies - increasing the security of military and government communications and computing through strengthened encryption and exploring new types of sensors based on quantum systems.
  7. Trusted autonomous systems - researching developments in trusted autonomous systems that may have the potential to support ADF capability in the future, such as the use of autonomous vehicles for resupply.
  8. Cyber - establishing a research and development capability to address the threats presented by information and communications technology dependencies and vulnerabilities within military systems.
  9. Hypersonics - understanding the science behind hypersonic flight, including propulsion, flight dynamics, control surfaces and materials that support flight systems.
  10. Directed energy capabilities - conducting research to explore novel technologies and the basic sciences of devices to better understand and develop building blocks for future directed energy capabilities.

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