Quad charts

Quad charts are a quick and easy way to promote your company’s capabilities, products and services, and are a standard marketing tool overseas.

The quad chart is divided into four sections, in which you describe your:

  • Products and/or capabilities:
    • Describe the capabilities of your product and how it would provide new or enhanced benefits to the customer.
    • Identify any relevant system specifications.
    • Provide a picture of the product, if relevant.
    • Provide production capacity.
  • Discriminators:
    • This is the most important part of the quad chart and should identify why this product is superior to your competitors.
    • Describe the product’s world-leading capabilities.
    • Describe the ability of the product to overcome problems.
  • Key customers and/or key partnerships:
    • Identify the organisations/companies currently using the product.
    • Identify key partners/alliances.
  • Quality accreditations and awards and contact details:
    • Identify industry-specific standards and accreditations.
    • Identify point of contact, company address, telephone, email and website address.

The CDIC can provide one-on-one assistance to develop your quad chart.

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