Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC)

Corporate publications

Defence Industry Cyber Security

Fact sheets

  • Entering the defence industry
  • Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Grants, forms and templates

  • Sample CDIC Grant Agreement - for projects 6 to 12 months
  • Sample CDIC Approval Letter Grant Agreement - for projects up to 6 months

Guidance materials

  • Program Guidelines

Media releases

Speeches and presentations

  • ADM Congress 2017 - Industry and Innovation and their importance to Defence outcomes - Powerpoint; 1.6MB - Presentation by Kate Louis, First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy
  • AIDN Presentation - Profile of the Defence Sector in WA
  • New To Defence Workshop - ASC Overview
  • New to Defence Workshop Presentation - Day 2 - March 2017
  • New to Defence - Darwin Presentation
  • CDIC NTD Workshop Presentation - Day 2 - March 2017
  • CCIWA - Positioning Western Australias supply chain for success

Industry update event

  • Benjamin Hayes

  • MAJGEN Jeff Sengelman

  • Kate Louis - Defence Industry Innovation Update

  • Martin DCruz, Carmen Mak - Innovation Contract IP

  • Glenn Alcock - Hub Assessment Operations

  • BRIG Chris Mills - DG Modernisation Army

  • BRIG Jason Blain - Force Design

  • Andrew Garth, Greg Salotti - CDIC

  • Industry Feedback and Questions

Innovation Hub

Corporate publications

  • Innovation Hub Intellectual Property Strategy

Fact sheets

  • Defence Innovation Hub factsheet
  • New Defence Innovation Systems factsheet
  • Next Generation Technologies Fund factsheet
  • Priority Innovation Needs factsheet
  • Submitting Your Innovation Proposal factsheet

Innovation criteria

Forms and templates

  • Innovation Contract Template

Guidance materials

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