This workshop provides small businesses with advanced information about how to use digital marketing to the advantage of your business and how it will increase the likelihood of reaching more potential customers and consumers.


Supported by: WA - Small Business Development Corporation
Event Type: Workshop
Event Cost: Session fees may apply

Having a website and using social media isn’t enough in today’s complex digital media landscape. A clear digital marketing strategy will help you reach a greater number of potential customers. With a lot of users doing product or service research online, it’s important to ensure that search is a part of your digital marketing mix.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and analytics can sometimes seem too overwhelming to tackle. You may feel lost in ‘tech-speak’ but the basics are easy to follow and should be applied to every business.

Digital Marketing Advanced examines a range of digital marketing strategies, including paid SEM with Google AdWords, to help you understand what could work for your business.

This intermediate workshop is designed for small business owners who have attended our Digital Marketing Essentials workshop and/or have good prior working knowledge of digital marketing tools.

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