Understanding trade marks

This webinar provides business owners with information about the basics behind trade mark protection and explains how to register for trade mark protection.

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Almost every business has a trade mark of some sort - in its words, logos or slogans, or a combination.

This webinar explains the basics behind trade mark protection and helps you understand how to register for trade mark protection. Designed for people starting a business or developing a new product or service, this webinar will help you identify and understand the difference between a registered business name and a trade mark.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • the basics of intellectual property (IP) - overview of the Registered IP - Patents, Trade Marks, Designs
  • the basics of copyright and trade secrets
  • understanding IP within your business plan, marketing and contracts
  • trade marks – what are they and what can be trade marked?
  • the difference between business names, domain names and trade marks
  • what to consider before you invest in your brand
  • the trade mark application process

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