SmartForms is an online forms development, hosting and support service. The SmartForms service provides access to electronic forms technologies for the development, management and hosting of interactive and dynamic HTML5 forms.

We manage a whole-of-government licence for SmartForms, enabling government agencies to use the service without paying vendor licensing fees (this is limited to business forms/transactions). The use of SmartForms can reduce government regulatory burden on businesses and administration costs for government.

The SmartForms service is currently only available for Business to Government (B2G) transactions. A B2G transaction helps a business interact with a government agency using a form that may require an ABN to be entered.

Features of the SmartForms service

  • Simple and intuitive design – user-friendly forms with online data entry, data validation, and dynamic content
  • Broad browser and platform support – forms can be accessed through various technologies and browsers that meet user needs
  • Standards compliant solution – forms can be designed to comply with accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA) security (ASD) and privacy standards without additional coding
  • Integration with agency systems – allows for the pre-population of data, validation of fields, automation of form creation and migration of data into agency web services and ICT back end applications
  • Reusable standard components – includes a form component library for common functions, scripts and web services – reducing duplication of effort, development time and costs
  • Analytics and reporting functions – for measurement of user data, including satisfaction, completion rates and cost/time per transaction
  • Reliable and highly available – form hosting arrangements have been performance tested, proven stable and can accommodate fluctuating user demand.

Benefits of SmartForms for government

  • Speed to delivery – rapidly create and deploy online forms by leveraging an existing solution, product expertise and reusable components
  • Reduced time and costs – take advantage of our whole-of-government licence and hosting arrangements to avoid time, cost and complexity of building and managing your own forms solution
  • Great customer experience – provide your customers with user-friendly forms with online data entry, data validation, and dynamic content. Enable your customer to complete forms anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device
  • Reduced burden on business – reduce time to complete interactions and transactions, and greatly assist customers to successfully complete transactions the first time they try
  • Reduce agency administration overheads – remove the need to print, post and store documents
  • Improve the accuracy of the data collected through data validation and pre-population of fields - reduce the need to further contact customers due to incomplete or incorrectly filled out forms and transactions
  • Training and support – we provide training and support so you can develop your own capability in form development, configuration and hosting.

Business capability

We provide a whole-of-government SmartForms service and product expertise to assist agencies to create, deploy and manage SmartForms. We work with government agencies to digitise their paper forms by providing:

  • advice, specification, development and testing of forms
  • support for mapping integration and prepopulating requirements
  • form hosting, support and capability development.

Additional information

SmartForms significantly reduces the costs and administrative overhead associated with paper forms for example illegible writing, inaccurate data, double handling of information, manual data entry processes and slow service delivery.

See how Government agencies use SmartForms:

For more information on how your agency can use Smart Forms refer to the SmartForms Technical Guide.

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