Small Business Grant NSW

The Small Business Grant provides small business owners, who don't pay payroll tax, a payment when they employ a full-time employee.

Application detail:

Applications may be made at any time up until 1 July 2019.

What do you get?

$2000 for each new full-time position employed in their business.

Who is this for?

NSW small businesses who don't pay payroll tax.


The Small Business Grant encourages small businesses in NSW who don't pay payroll tax to hire new employees and expand their business.

A one-off payment of up to $2000 is available for each new full-time position in your business. You will need to apply online for the grant once the new employee commences and then you can claim the grant once the position has been in place for 12 months.

For part-time or casual employees, the grant amount will be pro-rated based on the full-time equivalent hours of employment.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, you must:

  • have an active ABN
  • not have a payroll tax liability during the first 12 months of employing the new person (as at 30 June of the financial year)

Note: If an application for the grant has been lodged, but the business becomes liable for payroll tax within the grant year, the application may be transferred to the Jobs Action Plan rebate instead.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria at Small Business Grant.

How do you apply?

Register for the grant via the Small Business Grant online application.