Angus Capel (L), Digital Mentor from Xero, with Digital Champions John (Centre) and Dennis (R) from Chancellor & Bendle in Melbourne.

The Melbourne-based plumbing business began trading 36 years ago in 1983, but father and son, John and Dennis, want to make sure their business can keep going well into the future. They are ready to make digital technology work for them.

One of Chancellor & Bendle’s challenges has been the inability to work more collaboratively and smarter across their team. Their current set-up involves a lot of manual, time consuming processes to manage staff, customer invoices and finances, all from an office computer. With a business that relies on being on the move, they needed a better way to work on-the-go.

“I spend so much time every night calling my staff to let them know where they need to be tomorrow for a job” Dennis says. “Plus, the software we currently use to manage our finances is only on one computer, so if it’s being used or we have IT issues – it’s a real struggle.”

At their Digital Needs Assessment (undertaken by Deloitte as part of the Digital Champions project), it was clear that a cloud-based accounting platform would make a big difference.

This is where Xero has stepped in

As a corporate partner, Xero has helped Chancellor & Bendle transition to a Xero premium subscription – this supports a cloud-based administrative program to allow them to manage their invoices, allocate jobs and manage their team on mobile devices.

Corporate partners have offered goods and/or services at no charge to businesses within the project. Their contributions will support the digital transformations for the selected 100 businesses.

“We’re very happy to assist,” says Angus Capel, Corporate Partner and Digital Mentor to Chancellor & Bendle. “This simple change will address the troubles being experienced and it’s a quick, but big win, for John and Dennis’ business.”

Xero also reached out to one of their partners, ServiceM8, who agreed to support the project. They provided their app that helps service businesses manage jobs, from a client’s first call through to scheduling, quoting, invoicing and payment.

It also integrates with Xero to create an end-to-end business solution that streamlines processes and eliminates manual mistakes.

I’m keen to get started and get my evenings back. Being able to manage the business on-the-go is going to save me time, and let me focus on what’s important to me and my staff – making sure we run a quality plumbing business.

Dennis Bendle

Watch a video about Chancellor & Bendle's digital transformation.