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Innovation and digital improvements support growth

Innovation has helped family business, Earthtrack, become market leaders in solar and LED light solutions for the resources and mining industry in eight short years. They are the preferred supplier for Rio Tinto, BHP and BP to name just a few.  

While their lighting solutions are cutting edge, Earthtrack were still relying on manual and paper-based processes for accounting, warehouse and customer management.

We knew we needed to improve our digital capability and implement the right systems to support the business plans for growth.

Wendy Jeffery, Marketing manager

Customer relationship management

Earthtrack implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system and moved from paper-based customer lead sheets to a centralised database for lead and customer nurturing, quoting and order processing. The improvement was instant.

“Quoting was improved from a 3 hour process to 5 minutes, mostly as a result of loading up our different price books, product information and quote templates. For the first time we had the ability to share information across the business about customer order and quoting history, even from mobile devices while on the road,” Wendy says.

Warehouse management system

Supported by the Small Business Digital Champions project, Earthtrack implemented a warehouse management system, marketing automation software and a B2B e-commerce platform.

Warehousing is now linked to sales to deduct stock from orders and product information, dispatch processing, invoicing and financial reporting are all automated. Customer service reps no longer have to enter sales in two different systems and physically count item when putting orders through.

Marketing software and e-commerce

Earthtrack also implemented marketing automation software which draws directly on the customer data tracked in their CRM, ensuring their digital marketing campaigns will be personalised and targeted.  

Their new B2B e-commerce platform provides a login for existing customers to re-order stock, access price lists and see product information. It cuts down on sales rep time and provides convenience for repeat customers.

While the initial set-up was daunting, within six months, the business has a totally automated and integrated system, saving thousands of dollars in time lost to labour intensive practices.

Revenue already has increased by 20% even in the early stages of implementing these systems, as efficiencies translate into more responsive customer service. It is proving that responding within minutes to web enquiries with quotes is the key to winning more orders and repeat business.

Barry Bloomfield, Earthtrack CEO

Benefits of CRM

  • CRM systems provide an accurate record of a business’ entire history with a customer from sales to complaints to marketing offers they’ve received.   
  • Anyone in the business can access customer records from a centralised database.
  • Allows a business to monitor the preferences, needs and concerns of their customers, helping to personalise communications.
  • Tracking sales data helps businesses to identify and nurture their most valuable relationships.
  • Reduces manual processing and human error from uploading data in multiple systems.
  • Help sales reps quickly see past interactions and purchases before making a call.
  • Provide support teams with the background and contact information needed to provide great customer service.
  • Give marketers access to details that will help them target their campaigns.