Social Change Central (SCC) connects Australian change-makers and entrepreneurs to a collection of social impact opportunities from across the world through its online hub. The hub connects, supports and encourages social enterprises that are seeking opportunities for funding, exposure, awards and other programs and events. Its self-service database contains the most up-to-date opportunities available in Australia and internationally.

SCC operates as a paid membership subscription service that gives users access to the latest opportunities (curated by the team). SCC also works closely with businesses whose opportunities are showcased on its website.

Converting website visitors into paying subscribers

Since the inception of the website, SCC had been consistently receiving a large number of unique visitors per month, yet conversions to paid membership were modest and impacting on the business’s bottom line.

To increase paid membership subscriptions, SCC needed to optimise its digital presence and ensure that it clearly communicated the value of its services to potential customers to help secure sales. The SCC team developed and refined its digital marketing strategy by workshopping its vision and activities for the next 12 months.

It was helpful to have the time to properly plan and see how we could set up our marketing for success. We’ve been mostly reactive before, so it wasn’t possible to have a clear vision.

Ruby Bisson, SCC’s Product and Content Manager

Using the new strategy, SCC invested in additional online advertising to boost their presence in online search engines. This investment has resulted in an increase of the unique visitor traffic to their website. Most importantly, average monthly paid membership subscriptions increased 178 per cent for the business.

Easily managing customer relationships

SCC had been managing communications with clients by manually entering contacts and leads into a spreadsheet. Each marketing email was sent out individually to each client based on the type of contact required. SCC needed a solution to manage their customer relationships in a simpler and more streamlined way.

SCC implemented Zoho CRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which provides a digital solution for the business and reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.

To set up the CRM, the initial process involved SCC entering thousands of existing contacts into Zoho. Now, any contacts made through the website are automatically added and stored without any user intervention. An additional feature of Zoho enables the team to set up custom and tailored email templates that can be sent out to contacts automatically or used for specific queries or engagements.

To extend their understanding of Zoho, SCC completed on-boarding and training with vendor Squirrel Business Hub, who assisted the team to tailor the CRM to their unique needs. Having this one-on-one support and expertise means that SCC could fast track the implementation and experience faster changes to the business than would have been possible otherwise.

Although SCC needed to spend time up front to set up the CRM, according to Ruby this has been a worthwhile investment as the benefits are already paying dividends. The business is now saving approximately six hours a week in administrative time that staff previously spent sending out emails to contacts.

What benefits can be gained from digital changes?

  • An up-to-date marketing strategy ensures that the business is integrating all key digital opportunities by targeting specific leads and opportunities. It also:
    • outlines a consistent brand and communication across all digital channels, including website, social media, email and paid marketing
  • Keeping your website current by optimising the content, structure and design ensures that you are maximising your brand and communicating the values of the business.
  • A CRM enables a business to maintain strong relationships with clients by keeping track of details and interactions. It also:
    • helps to reduce administration time by automating previously manual tasks
    • assists to forecast and manage a sales pipeline
    • enables a business to learn from all client interactions with information that can improve strategies, sales and client retention

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