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Tree Care Machinery training

Tree Care Machinery (TCM), a one stop shop for all machinery and equipment specific to arborists and tree care professionals, undertook a digital transformation to increase industry access to safe operating procedures and simplify their online selling process. Headed by owner and director, Shane Cavanagh, TCM implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) and an all-in-one business management system, equipping them with the right digital tools to support the growth of the business.

Upskilling and Improving Safety Outcomes with LMS

Working with Showpony Advertising, TCM created a series of short safety videos as part of its digital transformation. The videos complement existing onsite workshops and will be available to trainees on completion of each course. They provide a refresher on the processes required to safely operate specific machinery, and act as a useful source of information for arborists out in the field. TCM will use Teachable, their newly implemented LMS, to share this content online.

Teachable is an easy-to-use online course creation platform which will assist TCM to sell its courses to customers online. Videos can be purchased individually or as a package to complement existing Work Health and Safety procedure manuals for businesses and relevant city councils.

With the growth of digital technology, many operators within the industry are accessing information from electronic devices installed in their vehicles. Having compatible video clips that are accessible on‑site provides a quick and easy reference to ensure correct and safe processes are carried out.

Tree Care Machinery showroom

Business Management Software

EvoPOS is a powerful business management solution that has allowed Shane and his staff to monitor inventory, maintain service history on machinery, track prospective clients via the inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and report on all areas of the business.

This technology allowed TCM to keep up with unexpected demand during the COVID‑19 pandemic and gave them better visibility of stock levels, helping to maintain customer demand and in turn, increase their online revenue stream. With a shortage of products available from international suppliers, it encouraged arborists and tree care professionals to support local South Australian business.

The increase in website traffic also opened up new leads for the business, with international companies offering to stock their leading brand products. Presenting a sophisticated website allowed TCM to showcase their products and services and reach a wider demographic.

Shane’s advice to other small businesses considering a digital change

“Embrace it, because you’ve got to make sure it’s right for your business, that’s number one”.

“I’ve learnt that there are so many different programs and different people offering different things in the digital space, so you should:

  1. Target what you do to the market you’re appealing to
  2. Spend the money and pick the market correctly
  3. Get good advice

If we were in the same situation ten years ago, it would have been impossible to adjust. Technology wouldn’t have allowed us to do that. It’s enabled the world to keep going to a certain degree – but communication has still been there.

Shane Cavanagh, owner and director of Tree Care Machinery

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