Altina Drinks - Part 1


Owners Christina Delay and Alan Tse are on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture and started Altina Drinks to create sophisticated, beautiful and flavour forward Zero Proof Craft Cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol.

Altina Drinks - Part 2


Altina Drinks have been busy working behind the scenes on updates to their website and digital marketing strategy. But to keep up with growing demand for their Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, they’ve moved to a new facility to better support the business and their customers.

Altina Drinks – Part 3

Alan and Christina wanted to further streamline their operational processes to increase the profitability and efficiency of their Canberra-based business, Altina Drinks. They sought to integrate their existing digital processes to help them become more competitive and reach more customers by building on their existing digital tools.

Through their engagement with digital agency, COG Digital, Alan and Christina created a new website that integrates a subscription based model and e-commerce platform, allowing a seamless customer experience for clients trading with their business.

Through a period of uncertainty for retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Altina Drinks saw a shift in their revenue streams and a significant surge in online sales. While retailers had reduced their stock during this time, customers were still able to purchase Altina products online via the website and have them delivered to their home.

Embracing digital capabilities

Altina Drinks hosted a series of alcohol-free events, with the launch of their Zero Proof Festival on 1 July 2020. The festival highlighted local Canberra businesses and sober champions from around the country, promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating memorable zero proof experiences.

They used their digital reach by offering virtual attendance in addition to in-person attendance. This allowed their audience to connect via live‑stream with the option of pre-purchasing zero proof cocktail packages for the ultimate at‑home, alcohol‑free event. Whilst Altina Drinks is located in Canberra, embracing digital capabilities provided them with a broader reach beyond the ACT border, increasing opportunities for growth to reach their longer term goals of expanding their business across Australia and world-wide.

Website development

Through their digital transformation, Altina Drinks recognised that in order to increase sales and reach their customers, they needed to integrate their existing digital tools to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly platform for their customers to access. Professional photography heightened their brand image and allowed the website to showcase a level of sophistication to customers when choosing their products.

Our website was amateur and through the Digital Champions project, we got the photos we knew we needed. It was the whole package; the website, the images, the advertising. Altina Drinks was always a premium experience and the photo product images have really lifted our brand image.

Alan, owner Altina Drinks

The website has allowed Altina Drinks to sell their products online which has been important during COVID-19 as they have not been able to sell face-to-face at markets, or run their pop-up bar at corporate or private events.

Prior to their digital transformation, online sales accounted for only 10 per cent of Altina’s total revenue in January 2020. During the pandemic, they were able to increase their online Business to Customer (B2C) sales by at least five times that of their usual Business to Business (B2B) offline sales. With the growth of online sales during the pandemic, Alan and Christina were able to hire three additional staff members to support increasing business operations.

Digital marketing

Altina Drinks used Facebook Ads to advertise on social media. Alan and Christina chose to use part of this credit to design their own advertising campaign which did not show a return on investment. Rather than give up, they worked with an advertising agency to help them make the most of their advertising budget and digital marketing which led to successful results.

Over the last 12 months, Altina Drinks has seen a significant increase in followers on their Instagram page @altinadrinks (up by 231 per cent) and their Facebook followers for Altina Drinks increased by 165 per cent.

By keeping content relevant, regular and up to date, Altina Drinks have increased their online engagement and been able to connect with a broader audience on a daily basis through their social media channels.

We knew basic jargon and what we were looking for, but for implementation – you should get someone that knows what they are doing, and who are effective at what they do. If you can financially do so, outsource this.

Alan, owner Altina Drinks

By meeting with industry experts from Corporate Partner MYOB, Alan and Christina gained knowledge and confidence with regards to their next steps and working with a marketing agency.They received guidance about the types of questions to ask and more information about the digital process, which would assist during their future meetings.

Alan’s advice to small businesses is to engage with people who have the knowledge, practice and process and who can help implement the strategy for your business.

Depending on the business owners’ digital literacy, talk to people who know what they’re talking about. We had the digital literacy, and the gap we were trying to fill was the strategy. For knowledge, practice and process – outsource!

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