Aubrey + Areegra - Part 1


Running a successful regional advertising business means staying ahead of the market. Kate Inkster and Kate Liersch are looking to keep their business small, flexible and mobile by using digital solutions to solve common business problems. Digital tools will help them save time, streamline their work processes and improve how they share and store files. This will make them mobile so they can take their services to their clients, where ever they may be.

Aubrey + Areegra - Part 2

Digital Champions and co-owners of Aubrey + Areegra, Kate Liersch and Karen Inkster, embarked on a digital transformation that reignited their passion for what they do and how they operate their business in the digital realm. Using the right digital tools and platforms for their business and seeking expert advice will continue to help them reach their audience and collaborate with their clients while also enhancing their brand.

Trial and error

For Aubrey + Areegra, establishing a seamless file sharing solution was the top priority for its digital transformation. This would help with the storage, version control and sharing of creative assets, and allow the business to share content with clients when required. Kate and Karen implemented an advanced file sharing system but after using it for a number of weeks, they concluded that it didn’t provide the results they expected. The new system actually increased their administration time and added complexity to how they communicated and engaged with their clients.

Rather than continuing with a system that was not working for them, Kate and Karen reflected on what they needed as a basic solution to suit their operational needs. The pair reviewed the features available in their current file‑sharing platform Dropbox, and found that upgrading to a different subscription tier with additional functionality would allow them to share files with clients in the simplest, most time effective way possible.

Through trial and error, Aubrey + Areegra found that the types of technology that may be relevant to other businesses, especially those medium to large businesses, may not be the most appropriate for a small business operator with few staff and a smaller caseload of active clients. It can take time to find and introduce new digital tools and systems into a business; assess your critical needs and identify the simplest solution to complement other business practices.

Brand awareness and digital marketing

The key benefit for Kate and Karen was having fresh eyes on their business which has inspired them to explore new ideas. Working alongside WLKR Digital on their digital marketing strategy and brand awareness helped them to clarify their brand and identify their target market.

“We learned a lot about ourselves, being realistic about our time spent in the business and we have really established our brand,” says Kate.

It’s about knowing where you want to go with your brand and what digital tools you want to implement. Having someone else come into your business with fresh eyes and asking you questions can really invigorate your business.

Karen Inkster

By establishing a digital marketing strategy, Kate and Karen have been inspired to drive their social media content by focusing on the needs of their target audience. Keeping content current and relevant has helped secure the right type of clients and keeps their existing clients engaged.

Having a social media presence that is actively maintained is important for any business, but especially for small businesses. An active social media presence helps build brand awareness, shows authenticity, enables an additional channel to provide support to customers and gives you a way to grow your audience without excessive marketing costs.

Next steps in going digital

Aubrey + Areegra will be launching their new website once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and professional photography can recommence. They have been able to continue working with WLKR Digital via videoconference and will focus on expanding their digital footprint in the way they communicate with their clients through LinkedIn and Twitter.

In response to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, working virtually has placed a spotlight on the need for business resilience and the ability to embrace virtual collaboration tools and practices.

Kate and Karen aim to increase their services in the future, to include online workshops so they can reach more people outside of their local area.

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