Aurora Marketing - Part 1


With clients and staff across Australia, Brisbane-based Aurora Marketing need digital solutions to help them achieve business growth. Find out what what they did to improve their business and connect staff. Staff need access to the head office systems, and a better way to share files between project teams, no matter where they are working from. They also want to integrate the existing CRM and the Sales pursuit system to grow their customer base. Access to a learning management system will help them get new staff on board and up to speed quickly.

Aurora Marketing - Part 2


Aurora Marketing are implementing changes so all staff can access files – anywhere, anytime. This will reduce the risk of version control issues and staff needing to rely on file transfer via email or waiting till they're back in the office. They've learned how a CRM can not only save time, but supports the accuracy of data entry as information doesn't need to be entered twice. A new learning management system is on the horizon, supporting Aurora Marketing to conduct seminars and workshops online.

Aurora Marketing - Part 3


Now at the end of their transformation, Aurora Marketing have made big improvements to their back office system, streamlining processes and saving time, which was invaluable as their team grew and their offices expanded. Their greatest learning has been that digital is so much more than marketing and that digital solutions for operations can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Aurora Marketing - the complete digital transformation


Aurora Marketing have made some big changes to the back-end of their business, simplifying their processes and making working remotely but with up-to-date information possible.
“The digitally transformed business is one that is much more professional, much more cohesive. We're more efficient, and we're delivering higher quality, better calibre work. So it's been a real eyeopener to me, to realise how broad digital transformation is, and how a small business could be so dramatically impacted by small things, that have actually made a really big difference to how we operate” says owner Leann Webb.

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