Barc for Pets - Part 1


Rebecca and Marc have always had a passion and enthusiasm for animals, and have left their corporate careers behind to pursue their love for animals. They initially started up Barc for Pets as a dog walking service, and since expanded it to include doggy day care, dog adventures, and a doggy day spa. The have the motivation and vision to expand it further, and with support from the project, are excited to make it happen.

Barc for Pets - Part 2


Rebecca and Marc’s business grew so fast they didn’t have time to work on the next steps for their business. With the support of their Digital Mentor, Angus Capel from Xero, Rebecca and Marc plan to automate labour-intensive processes and improve efficiency, improve their web presence and digital marketing, enable customers to book and pay online and put in place CRM software. The goal? To bring on more staff, to grow the business and importantly free up more time to spend with the lovable puppies.

Barc for Pets – part 3

At the end of their digital transformation, Rebecca and Marc have improved the efficiency of their business, hired two more staff members and expanded their dog minding and adventure services to new locations.

“My goal was to work on the business and not in it. That’s been achieved in one year rather than five. I was an employee in my business, now I’m the managing director,” Rebecca says.

The digital transformation also helped the business retain customers during the coronavirus with the implementation of subscription services and e-commerce platform on their new website. While the business experienced a downturn initially of almost 90 per cent, Rebecca and Marc were able to keep their staff on and the business has picked up again.

Customer relationship management system

Rebecca and Marc implemented digital systems to manage their staff, communications and finances which has given them more time to invest in the business.

Their customer relationship management (CRM) system ServiceM8 manages contractors, jobs and communication with clients and will be tailored to meet their unique customer needs – of the two and four-legged varieties. Existing clients can book appointments through the website and the subscription feature lets customers book and pay upfront for recurring appointments which keeps their cash flow steady. This information flows into the CRM to make invoicing and keeping track of customers simple.

It’s allowed us to plan better. I don’t spend as much time invoicing and 80 per cent of our clients are on some kind of subscription.


Website redesign and digital marketing

Rebecca and Marc updated their website with a new logo and design, and transferred to a new platform, Magneto, which was faster and easier to manage than their previous website. As part of their dog products offering, they now have over 400 products available on their e-commerce store for customers to purchase with ease. They’ve also created a digital marketing and social media strategy to develop their brand presence and reach more customers.

“Our loyal customers are using the website more because it’s easier to use. They have increased the frequency of when and how they use the service,” Rebecca says.

Cloud accounting software

Rebecca and Marc moved to a new cloud accounting system. Xero integrates with their other digital systems which makes sure their data across the business is accurate and up to date. They save time by only having to input data once and by automating labour intensive processes like reconciliation and invoicing. The key to a smooth transition was the expert advice and services of their accountant.

Expert Advice

Barc for Pets were supported through their digital transformation by a range of industry experts.

Having a trusted advisor like Digital Mentor Angus Capel from Xero, helped Rebecca and Marc to focus on their business development and growth rather than day to day tasks.

Rebecca’s advice for other small business is clear.

“Have a good understanding of what your business is and what your processes are, prior to changing them so you can see exactly what you need to do. Involve the right people, and know what your strengths are – you can outsource different services. Whatever you invest now you will save in the future.”

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