Heart Health and Fitness - Part 1


Delivering a personalised and up-to-date practice to her patients is critically important to exercise physiologist Nicole, so why shouldn’t it be applied to her business administration systems and digital presence? With the guidance of her mentor, Marcus Wilson from Surgical Partners, Nicole is aiming to develop brand awareness, streamline administration tasks, and develop online classes and consultations.

Heart Health and Fitness - Part 2


Heart Health and Fitness is improving its service delivery by streamlining and automating manual processes, giving them easy access to detailed and accurate client information.

Heart Health and Fitness - Part 3


Now at the end of their transformation, Nicole from Heart Health and Fitness has made big improvements to her business. Nicole’s been able to significantly streamline her business processes through integrating her point of sales system, practice management software and accounting platform. The efficiencies gained have been huge and a lot less time is being spent on admin duties, leaving her more time to focus on the future of her business.

Heart Health and Fitness - the complete digital transformation


Director and lead exercise physiologist Nicole Gordon, has transformed her business with the support of a network of trusted advisors and vendors.

She has introduced an online booking system to her new website which saves significant time in manually managing client appointments. Her different systems are now integrated, making her business operations as seamless as possible, again saving time and also providing Nicole with a better picture of her business’ financial and customer information.

“One of the big learning curves for being in a small business is knowing that I don't have to do everything. It's possible, but you don't get the most out of your business. It's really hard to grow if you're doing every single thing, so being able to outsource what I'm not comfortable in doing or what someone else could do better definitely helps” says Nicole.

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