Heating & Cooling Services - Part 1


For 18 years, Perth-based Heating & Cooling Services has specialised in installing gas heaters and evaporative air conditioners, as well as servicing, repairing and replacing them. Jacque and Michael are using digital technology to grow their family owned business. Their focus is on improving their marketing skills to build a digital presence, as well as streamline and better support the back-end of their business.

Heating & Cooling Services – Part 2

Jacque and Michael, owners of Heating & Cooling Services, wanted to reduce admin time, improve the security of their data and become more competitive online.

As a mostly paper-based business, Jacque and Michael were spending their time manually managing their bookings and their accounting. Their outdated computers were unstable and their entire business database was at risk of being lost.

Jacque and Michael made a number of changes to their business, adopting new digital tools and software.

Cloud accounting

Jacque and Michael moved from a desktop‑based accounting program to cloud based accounting which they can access from anywhere, anytime. Their customer and business data is secure and their processes are more efficient, saving them time.

“Xero has brought us into the 21st century – we have more time, it’s quick to access, it’s accurate and up to date – that’s phenomenal,” Jacque says. 

Website development

Heating & Cooling Services’ website was enhanced using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a new content structure to help potential customers find their business. The modern design gives their brand credibility and the online booking function encourages sales.

“The website had created so many more opportunities for us – we are competing against the bigger companies now,” Jacque says.

Digital marketing

Jacque and Michael also invested in digital marketing and a social media presence to drive traffic to the website and new customers to their business. They worked with a digital agency who manages their marketing for them. Outsourcing this process has been invaluable – giving Jacque back her time to invest in other areas of the business. Monthly data reports help show how their online presence is performing, allowing for changes to help boost their search engine ranking and convert more leads into sales for the business.

When we bought this business, SEO wasn’t a thing – people didn’t use their mobiles – it wasn’t so digital. But the last five years has totally transformed and as a small business you need to diversify and change with the times or you’ll get left behind.

Jacque, owner

Jacque’s advice for other small businesses is to reach out to local networks.

“Expert advice was absolutely necessary to get us to where we are. Most small businesses starting out wouldn’t know where to start. Having someone to steer you in the right direction, so you know what is available to you and to support your business in introducing digital tools and systems is really helpful” says Jacque.

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