Jurra Industries - Part 1


As a co-owners of a start-up, Trent and Tyson realise the competitive edge a digital transformation can give Jurra Industries. Based in Toowoomba, Jurra offers mechanical and process engineering services to give companies an edge in renewables through innovative product design and solutions. From improving customer management, to technology that will set them apart from their competitors, the transformation will be a jump start for their specialist engineering business.

Jurra Industries - Part 2


Jurra Industries have integrated software and hardware, so they have better tools to make quick decisions, take on more work and deliver faster results to their customers.

Jurra Industries - part 3

As a start-up in a highly regulated industry, Jurra Industries needed to establish credibility to win new customers. Owners Tyson and Trent implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) – a system that ensures that each time a process or service is performed, the same set of controls are used and applied consistently. This system guarantees a high standard for their customers and allows them to pitch to potential clients who required a quality certification.

Quality Management System

Jurra Industries implemented a QMS that makes them compliant with International Standards. These relate to the business’ ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and its ability to deliver quality fabricated products on time and to budget.

The QMS can:

  • regulate processes to guarantee safety and quality
  • increase business revenue through winning more contracts and retaining customers
  • support greater customer satisfaction as customers are confident that the products or services conform to required standards
  • improve supplier relationships and business reputation as the certification shows suppliers that the business adheres to best-practice
  • streamline communication across the business, reducing administration and keeping information secure and accurate

We were running ad-hoc spreadsheets and emailing documents, so with the QMS Qiksolve, it’s forcing us to get more professional with how we handle our documents and work with each other.


This is also a benefit for customers who can access a client view of the project through a link, rather than an email filled with attachments. They see the same data as Trent and Tyson, which keeps information consistent and the secure platform ensures their data is protected.

A QMS has been crucial for Trent and Tyson’s plans to grow the business. Having processes in place will make it easier to train new staff, manage more clients and maintain quality as their production increases. This up-front investment will make it possible to scale their future in the business.

Engineering software

Trent and Tyson also invested in industry-specific engineering simulation and 3D design software which allows Jurra Industries to solve complex design challenges and create new products.

This gives them the ability to generate high quality designs at speed which makes them more competitive and allows them to take on more jobs.

“The software is like comparing a car to a bicycle – definitely light years ahead of anyone who doesn’t have it – it puts us ahead of the game,” Trent says.

“We could do a lot of this work manually, but it slows you down. The more we can leverage software, the more jobs that we can take on, the faster we can get results back to customers, the quicker we can make decisions” says Tyson.

With software that helps them to bring their vision to life and a QMS that ensures quality and consistency, Trent and Tyson have been able to establish themselves quickly in a highly competitive industry.

“It got us a few jobs early on and established credibility – we doubt we could’ve achieved that back then – so it’s a huge advantage,” Trent says.

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