The Parents Village - Part 1


Small Business Digital Champion, Kirsty Levin and Lana Sussman started The Parents Village with the dream of creating a safe space for all new and expectant parents. All place to connect, support, prepare and empower each other while embracing all the trials and tribulations that come with parenthood. They were resistant to take their business online, but are excited to engage in new tools to help grow their business and reach others outside of the community they operate in.

The Parents Village - Part 2


The Parents Village aspire to use digital solutions to bring families and perinatal services together to build stronger communities. Business-owners Lana Sussman and Kirsty Levin are both busy mums themselves and understand the benefits digital technology can bring to their business and to parents’ daily lives. A key goal is to deliver seamless services to parents whenever and wherever they want, complementing the Parents Village’s face-to-face service offering.

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