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Systems need to talk to each other

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours were already using cloud accounting but their software didn’t talk to any of their other systems. Finance Manager Sharon Gaskin and the team made the decision to change their accounting provider to Xero, knowing it would integrate with their reservation system, avoiding duplication, inconsistent data and manually entering information into multiple systems. As Xero can integrate with hundreds of systems, any future software the business brings on board can also connect to their accounting system, streamlining all their business processes.

Transition doesn’t mean upheaval

For Sharon, the decision to change was harder than the change itself. Sharon knew she couldn’t transfer all the business records from one system to another herself, so she sought the help of Catalyst Cloud Solutions who are accredited Xero experts.

“Having seen the transition process, I actually feel quite relaxed now,” she says.

Catalyst identified and migrated the relevant history and business data from the previous system to Xero, a process that can be done remotely.

Training is vital

When a go-live date was agreed, Scott Elder from Catalyst delivered the training on Kangaroo Island. Scott points out the importance of training as part of a transition.

“Feeling confident and competent using Xero is our main objective in training. Knowing and using the system correctly then becomes an easy transition.”

Catalyst says the key to a successful transition is having face-to-face training at the business’ premises, working through examples with real data and an ongoing support arrangement.

Find an expert

While Sharon admits that there was ‘jargon’ to get her head around, being supported through the transition has made her confident about “getting in there and having a go.”

As a small business owner himself, Scott understands the challenges of a big move.

“The best part of our job is being able to help other small businesses, providing them with a solution. I know there is a better way. Systems can increase the bottom line – income and profit – just by making things more streamlined.”

For more information on cloud-based accounting systems for your business speak to your accountant, bookkeeper or trusted advisor.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours Finance Manager Sharon Gaskin

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours Finance Manager Sharon Gaskin undertaking Xero training with Scott Elder from Catalyst Cloud Solutions.

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