Through the project, he has received expert advice and now has a great relationship with a local digital marketing expert, Andrew Meaghan from Tamworth Web Design, who has helped transform his website to make sure it’s the right fit for potential customers.

Glenn’s advice to other small business owners is "be ready to invest time and money with the expert you’re working with."

"The website builder does not know your product, so there has to be a good relationship. As the website is being produced you have to be in constant contact. Andrew and I have been working non-stop, texting, emailing, phoning every step of the way," Glenn said.

Glenn’s new website takes potential customers on an adventure using vibrant video, images and content to show customers what makes an IRONMAN camper stand out from the rest. Additional technical information gives off-road enthusiasts the details they need to make an informed purchase.

The website is a polished and professional platform to match the high-quality products Simplicity Campers offers – and puts Glenn on par with the digital offering of his competitors.

Consistent branding ties the broader marketing strategy together and make Glenn’s business name, logo and bespoke product, recognisable across all platforms.

Manage your customer base with a CRM system

A fit-for-purpose CRM system integrated with the updated website means Glenn can keep track of potential customers, better understand his customer base and generate and track marketing campaigns for Simplicity Campers. The CRM also helps Glenn to better monitor communication with potential customers so he or his team can pick up where they left off in conversation with customers about their unique campervan needs.

Once I began to understand what a CRM was and how it functioned I was sold on it. It just captures so much information and organises it in such an orderly fashion that anyone that comes anywhere near you, you end up with their details. You know when to get back to them, when to send them a brochure.

Glenn Campbell from Simplicity Campers

What’s next for Simplicity Campers?

Glenn is positioning his business for future growth. He’s not only undergoing a huge transformation from a digital perspective, but he’s also moved into a larger premises to make sure he has the infrastructure to meet the growing demands for his business.

Keep following Glenn’s story to see where his updated website and digital marketing strategy take him in the New Year!

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