Grant recipient organisation Project title Grant amount Global partners
Kico Knee Innovation Company Pty Ltd Rapid 3D robotic assistant for hip surgery $1,000,000 United States of America
Curtin University Thermal battery development for concentrated solar power systems $1,000,000 Sweden
Swinburne University of Technology Industry 4.0 manufacturing of high volume light weight composites $1,000,000 Austria, Germany, Israel
Queensland University of Technology Precision medicine in prescribing through modern pharmacogenomics $711,154 Switzerland
Central Queensland University Automated livestock ranagement technologies for Latin American markets $751,514 Argentina
The University of Wollongong IoT-battery electric transporter for underground coal mining $913,461 China
Synchron Australia Pty Ltd Australia-US development of a commercial brain-machine interface $902,400 United States of America
Omni Tanker Pty Ltd Novel CFRP transport tank with highly durable anti-surge safety system $1,000,000 Germany
The University of Wollongong Power quality of future electricity network $761,471 Germany, China