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Scott Middleton said his Stratejos concept will be at the forefront of global artificial intelligence.

Australia’s leading researchers help open up endless project management software possibilities

Terem Technologies CEO Scott Middleton wants Australian businesses to pick up their phones and talk to the nation’s researchers and academics about collaboration, and ask for help to make innovative ideas sing.

Scott says the perfect conduit for that is the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and primarily its Innovations Connections service.

Scott’s software product development business has developed an artificial intelligence product called Stratejos to help companies automate project management.

Some estimates indicate that artificial intelligence is likely to have a $6 billion impact on knowledge work by 2022.

While Scott’s company has brought Stratejos to its current stage, he recognised that he would need the input of specialists to make the next big leap.

The research and development on Stratejos, which we have funded ourselves to date, has taken us a long way. But we want to dramatically leap frog the market and to do that we need more brilliant minds working on the problems we face. Great data scientists with domain knowledge are hard to find.

Scott Middleton, CEO, Terem Technologies

Scott reached out to a select group of researchers who recommended Professor John Grundy and his team at Deakin University.

After sharing his plans to use artificial intelligence to assist projects, Deakin’s researchers knew instantly that this type of collaboration would fit well with the Innovation Connections assistance.

Working closely with Scott’s team, the Innovation Facilitator undertook a review to fully understand Terem’s research needs and ensure the needs matched Deakin’s capabilities.

The Innovation Facilitator then advised Scott and the team on how to structure the collaboration to maximise results, including intellectual property and contractual options.

This advice proved invaluable, helping reach an agreement with Deakin faster than it otherwise may have taken.

"We knew Deakin’s talent would be of great benefit to what we are trying to achieve and Innovation Connections enabled this partnership to occur," Scott recalled.

"It is very exciting for Australia that our company and the country’s researchers at Deakin will be at the forefront of this area of artificial intelligence."

Scott said that Terem’s Facilitator was a key to the project working and companies and businesses need not fear the process.

Scott’s engagement with Deakin University has also been helped by a range of financial assistance including the Australian Government’s R&D Tax Incentive program, and a matched grant through the Innovations Connections element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Scott says speed is so important in accessing government grants and Terem’s Innovation Facilitator removed painful paperwork and completed their application very quickly.

Scott believes project management software, in the form of assistants, will soon be so intuitive that tasks which have been traditionally done by people will be computer automated.

"Right now, Stratejos is solving a lot of the low-hanging fruit problems of project management but in time, with the help of Deakin, we will provide capabilities beyond humanly possible," Scott says.

"It is inevitable that within the next decade much of our daily administrative and analysis work on projects will be performed by artificial intelligence."

By collaborating, Terem and Deakin will identify and develop what works in a far shorter time than if both were operating on this individually.

As soon as Terem and Deakin discover new possibilities they can add those functions to Terem’s existing products, to value-add to what is already in the marketplace.

Scott sees that the current Stratejos offering is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intelligently assisting teams on their projects.

With further innovation, research and development, Terem has the potential to place itself at the forefront of what is predicted to be a huge global market.

Australian businesses and innovators must embrace our world-class researchers. These academics and researchers are crying out for industry to engage.

Scott Middleton, CEO, Terem Technologies

"They are keen to work with real problems and real innovation. This will also help ensure that innovation happens here in Australia and is not taken offshore."

Visit the Stratejos website.

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