Social media planning checklist

Social media can be daunting, but with some research and planning, you can use it to your business’ advantage. Below is a quick six step social media planning checklist to help you get started.

1. Conduct your analysis

  • Analyse the social media tools available.
  • Analyse your business and find out if you’re ready for social media.
  • Analyse your customers to see if they use social media.
  • Analyse your competitors and their social media pages.

2. Develop your social media strategies

  • Revisit your business plan and look at your main business goals and strategies.
  • Determine if and how social media can help you achieve them.
  • Develop your marketing strategies to help you enter the market, develop your brand or build awareness, and communicate/engage with customers.
  • Write your social media plan using the analysis and social media strategies you have developed.

3. Establish the rules

  • Develop some internal policies and procedures to cover security, privacy and content.
  • Develop an acceptable use policy for your social media users.

Read Establish the rules on our social media plan template.

4. Set up a social media team

  • Set up a team with appropriate skills/training.
  • Establish their roles and responsibilities.
  • Familiarise them with your internal policies and procedures.

Read Create a social media team for more info on what to include in your plan. 

5. Get started

  • Set up your page/profile/blog.
  • Build your networks.
  • Implement social media strategies.

6. Review

  • Monitor and measure the impact of your strategies.
  • Adjust/modify your strategies as needed.

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