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One of the first things you need to find out when you're starting a business is what laws will apply to you. Having the correct registrations, licences and permits is fundamental when running your business. They allow you to operate without fear of closure from non-compliance or other legal concerns.

Consulting a legal professional can help you understand your legal requirements, such as registrations and ‚Äčlicences, contracts and leases.

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  • Visit our Registration and licences topic to help you get started. This topic covers pages on how to register your business or company name, applying for an ABN, registering for taxation such as GST and registering your domain name.
  • See our industry fact sheets for industry-specific licences and permits as well a general overview of the legal, operational requirements of each industry.

Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS)

What is ABLIS?

ABLIS is an online search tool that helps you find the licences and permits you need to run your business. When you perform a search:

  1. ABLIS guides you through a step-by-step questionnaire.
  2. A tailored report is generated with licence requirements for your business. The report also provides helpful information on licence fees, how to apply, periods of cover and renewals.

You can also perform a custom search if you're looking for a specific licence for your business, or a specific piece of compliance information.

Who administers ABLIS?

ABLIS is a national service, and is delivered through a partnership between the federal, state and territory governments.

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Australian, state, territory and local governments are responsible for different business licences, permits, registrations and certificates. To find those that apply to you, use the Australian Business Licence & Information Service (ABLIS).

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