Indigenous business

The steps to start, run and grow an Indigenous business are much like running any other business in Australia.

However, there are some situations where additional government support and assistance is available to Indigenous business owners.

Visit Plan & Start a Business if you need more general information on the steps to start a business.

If you’d like to find out what government support is specifically available to Indigenous business owners, read on!

Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) is a government organisation that provides workshops, advice, business support programmes and in some cases, business finance, to eligible Indigenous business owners.

Visit the IBA Business Ownership page to find out about the support programmes and assistance available.

Supply Nation

Head to our Selling products and services topic for more information on finding a supplier, fair trading, tenders and contracts and importing & exporting in Australia.

Registering an Indigenous corporation

Did you know you can register your Indigenous business as an Indigenous corporation?

The Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2006  (CATSI Act) allows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to form Indigenous corporations.

Visit our Registration and licences topic to find out the benefits of registering as an Indigenous corporation.

State and territory support for Indigenous businesses

Depending on the characteristics of your business, such as its type and location, other assistance may be available. Check out some of the examples below:

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