Once you’re off and running, your business will have different needs and challenges. To help you keep your business running smoothly, pay careful attention to:

Looking after your finances

Managing your business finances can help you track how your business is going and help you plan ahead. Learn more about:

  • Finance and accounting – find out how to look after and track your finances
  • Tax – meet your taxation obligations as a business owner
  • Superannuation – make sure you’re meeting superannuation obligations for yourself and your employees.

Employing workers

Great employees are a big asset to a business and can make running a business a lot easier. See what’s involved in looking after your employees:

Growing your business

A successful business often grows on its own over time. Here are just some of the ways you can help your business grow:

  • Opportunities for business growth – ways you can grow your business
  • Advertising and online – market your business to grow your customer base
  • Social media - reach your audience with social media
  • Innovation – grow your business through finding new ideas and solutions.

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