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When it comes to energy use, your assets are one of the biggest opportunities to save your business money. Whether you own an office, vehicles or machinery and equipment, there are many ways you can improve your energy efficiency. Have a look at a few of the ways below.

  • Design a new building
  • Upgrade a purchased building
  • Lease a green building
  • Appliances, equipment and technology
  • Switch vehicles or fuels.

To maximise the benefits of your energy efficiency improvements, make sure you involve your employees throughout the process and train them in any new processes or technologies.

More information

  • See the Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX) website for examples on how to Reduce energy costs in your sector.
  • Read up on the current residential, commercial and public building compulsory standards for energy efficiency set by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).
  • Find out if you need a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) on the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program website.
  • See how you can improve your NABERS energy rating and save money on your energy bills on the NABERS website.
  • See the Office tenants page on the EEX website.
  • Download the NABERS Energy Management Guide for Tenants to find out what steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your office.
  • Find energy efficiency design tips and resources on the YourHome and the Business Victoria websites. 
  • Compare appliances and equipment to find the most energy efficient products on the Energy Rating website.
  • Consider HVAC, co-generation or tri-generation technology options listed on the Energy Efficiency Exchange website.
  • Search the Green Vehicle Guide to compare the fuel economy, greenhouse and air pollution emissions of different cars, four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.
  • Follow the Truck Buyers Guide for step-by-step guidance on choosing a fuel efficient commercial vehicle or truck.
  • Save on car fuel by trying some of these fuel-efficient driving tips.
  • Examine the EEX website to find energy efficiency options available in other transport operations such as:
  • road transport
  • air transport
  • rail transport

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