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All businesses use a range of appliances and technology for day to day operations. Selecting the right equipment for your business and using them more efficiently, is essential to reducing energy use and improving your bottom line and competitiveness.

When selecting appliances and equipment, you can search the Energy Rating website to help you choose the best product for your business. The energy rating label includes a star rating allowing you to compare different models of common appliance types. The more stars a model has, the higher its energy efficiency.

You can also download the free energy rating app to compare running costs and estimate the real cost of a product over its lifetime. Sometimes high-star rated models can cost a little more upfront, but could save you more over the lifetime of the product.

New technologies such as HVAC, motor, lighting, pump, and boiler systems can also help you achieve greater energy savings. Find out what energy efficiency technologies are available and what systems are suitable for your operations by exploring the Energy Efficiency Exchange website.

If you don’t have the money to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment, there are still ways you can use your existing equipment more efficiently and save money.

For example:

  • Faulty equipment can cost you in additional energy costs. Regular maintenance of equipment and repairing or preventing problems before they occur can help you save money.
  • Using your equipment more efficiently through timers or changing processes can also help reduce maintenance and running costs of equipment.


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