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With rising petrol and diesel prices, switching to a more fuel efficient or an alternate fuel car, commercial vehicle or truck can save your business money and reduce greenhouse and air pollution emissions.

Fuel-efficient cars also have a higher threshold for the Luxury Car Tax and some insurers may offer discounts. Although fuel-efficient vehicles may cost more upfront, choosing a cheaper and less efficient model could end up costing your business more in the long run. Consider fuel and maintenance costs when choosing which vehicle is right for your circumstances.

Use the Green Vehicle Guide to see how fuel efficient your existing vehicle is or to help you decide on purchasing a more fuel efficient or electric car. See the Truck Buyers Guide for step by step guidance on choosing a fuel efficient truck.

Besides fuel-efficient vehicles, there are also additional ways that can contribute to reducing your overall transport costs such as fuel-efficient driving tips, regular maintenance, weight management, logistics and choice of transport.

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