Environmental licences and permits

Approvals for environmental licences and permits can be obtained from federal, state and local environmental agencies. The type of approval you need will depend on the jurisdiction and type of business activity.

Federal Government

If your activity or action is likely to impact on areas of national environmental significance, you can obtain licences and permits from the federal Department of the Environment. These include areas requiring special protection such as world and national heritage sites, wetlands, habitats of threatened or migratory species, federal marine areas and nuclear actions.

You should also be aware that importing or exporting wildlife products, hazardous waste, ozone-depleting substances or synthetic greenhouse gases may be restricted by quarantine and will require special approval through the Department.

State and local Government

If your activity is likely to impact on the local environment, such as parks, heritage sites, air and water, you can obtain licences and permits through your state or local governments.

What to do...

  • View information on federal environmental permits, licences and approvals at the Department of the Environment website.
  • You can contact your council for information on local environmental licences and regulations.
  • See Importing and Exporting for more information on importing, exporting and quarantine controls.
  • Use the Department of the Environment's Protected Matters Search Tool to see if there are areas of national environmental significance near you.

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