Environmental standards and labelling

Product environmental standards are sets of quality benchmarks that promote the environmental performance of a product. While many standards are mandatory such as energy ratings for televisions, others are voluntary and are a great way to promote your brand as environmentally friendly.

If your business manufactures goods or imports into Australia, you may need to comply with environmental standards before these goods can be sold. Each standard sets out a rating and labelling system to inform consumers on how efficiently a product uses an environmental resource, and has the added benefit of promoting suppliers who manufacture high rating products.

For importers, manufacturers, architects, engineers or specifiers of a product requiring a label, you will need to test, register and label the product according to the mandatory standards. If you are a retailer, you can avoid paying hefty fines by ensuring that you don't sell or supply a product without the required label.

When labelling your products, ensure the labels aren't misleading, as the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 will apply to these goods.

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