Goods & services

​When selling goods or services, it's important to understand your legal obligations, how to find and keep customers, and your requirements under fair trading law.

  • Find out about inventory management, including what to do before purchasing inventory, types of inventory, setting up inventory systems and records, warehousing and distribution of inventory, stocktakes and calculating inventory turnover.
  • Read our selling goods section for information on finding a supplier, trade measurement, product labelling and packaging requirements, understanding product recalls and meeting product standards.
  • Read our customers section for information on finding new customers, keeping loyal customers, how to provide good customer service, e-marketing and dealing with customer complaints.
  • Visit communicating in business to learn about the importance of effective communication, including how to write in plain English.
  • Read our fair trading section to help you understand your requirements when displaying prices, providing refunds and warranties, complying with consumer law and business scams to be aware of. 
  • Read our payments and invoicing topic to help you choose the payment methods that you'll offer customers, how to create an invoice, setting payment terms, providing receipts and how to prevent and manage unpaid debt.

Importing and exporting

You may also be looking to start an importing or exporting business, or you may be looking to import or export goods as part of running or growing your business.

Tenders and contracts

When selling goods and services, you may seek out tenders and contracts for work when starting or growing your business.

  • Read tenders and contracts for more information on selling to government, how to find tenders and contracts, and tenders and contracts in your state or territory.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Ideas and unique creations can exist in every business. They're important for long term financial success and can make you more competitive than your rivals.

  • How do you stop competitors from copying your most valuable asset? Find out how you can protect your Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Incorporating innovation in your business can help you save time and money, and give you the competitive advantage to grow and adapt your business in the marketplace. Everyone can innovate, find out the steps towards innovation.

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