Local collaboration and innovation

Businesses can innovate by collaborating with partners in different industries, or with researchers locally or internationally.

Collaboration can give businesses an advantage in the market by providing access to the latest research, technology, or experts in the field. By forming partnerships, business owners get knowledge from outside of their own experience, with the potential to grow.

Read on to find out more about local and international collaboration, where to find more information and what collaboration can do for your business.

Do you want to add value to your business?

Businesses that innovate can be more profitable and have greater potential to grow and compete both nationally and globally. Businesses that innovate and form partnerships with researchers are more likely to increase their productivity performance.

Businesses today can face many challenges, some of which require experience outside of your core knowledge as a business owner. Innovation is a way to overcome these challenges, and one of the most successful ways to innovate is to collaborate with researchers with expertise in diverse areas.

What are the benefits from industry-research partnerships?

Researchers and research users (such as businesses and industry) profit from the experience of working together.

Businesses can benefit by working with researchers through:

  • assistance in the development of new ideas and solutions
  • reduction of research costs by gaining access to state and Australian Government funding schemes and modern infrastructure
  • access to expert advice, knowledge, technology and equipment
  • provision of access to skilled and work-ready researchers
  • access to national and international networks.

Visit the Department of Industry, Innovation and Sceince's website to explore the case study of how AW Bell built its expertise in the aerospace export market by working together with CSIRO's Small and Medium Enterprise Engagement Centre.

Researchers can also benefit from business and industry collaboration by:

  • producing high quality and relevant research that translates directly into commercial business
  • producing research leading to greater social, economic and environmental impacts
  • improving graduate outcomes and effective knowledge transfer
  • building valuable contacts and networks
  • building a strong reputation as a high-class research institution.

Visit the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website to learn how the University of New South Wales partnered with OneSteel to produce research with the greatest impacts.

Check out the Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration - a toolkit designed to facilitate, simplify and improve collaboration between researchers and industry.

Support in building partnerships

If you're a business or researcher interested in innovating through research-industry partnerships, Australian Government assistance and support is available. To explore the possibilities, consider getting in touch with a Research Service Provider offering expertise in an area useful to your business.

Find out more information on Australian Government programs and services that provide financial support and advice below.

Source IP

Source IP is an online tool by IP Australia that connects businesses with Australian public sector research organisations.

Source IP helps businesses to find:

  • public sector inventions and technologies that can be licensed
  • potential research partners.

Source IP helps research organisations:

  • indicate how their patents can be licensed
  • promote their inventions and technologies to potential business partners.

With Source IP, you can search through the research that’s already been started by Australia’s public sector research organisations, and get in touch with the researchers you’re interested in working with.

R&D Tax Incentive (Research Service Providers, AusIndustry, Department of Innovation, Industry and Science)

Research Service Providers provide scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform research and development (R&D) on behalf of other companies. Companies can claim the generous R&D Tax Incentive for work that RSPs undertake on their behalf

Small and Medium Enterprise Engagement Centre (CSIRO)

Assists Australian SME's in accessing research and development from within the National Innovation System in order to help define and address technical issues and facilitate business growth.

Flagship Collaboration Fund (CSIRO)

Supports research cooperation and collaboration across all sectors of industry and science.

Linkage Projects (Australian Research Council)

Provides funding for R&D projects which are collaborative between higher education researchers and other organisations within the national innovation system.

Industrial Transformation Research Program (Australian Research Council)

Offers funding schemes attractive to both university-based researchers and industries to facilitate research partnerships that provide the competitive edge for products, processes and services.

National Measurement Institute

Australia's National Measurement Institute (NMI) provides integrated advice, support and services relating to physical, chemical, biological and legal measurement. NMI's measurement expertise can help companies optimise manufacturing, successfully introduce new technologies, and ensure product safety all along the supply chain. NMI researchers collaborate to develop leading-edge measurement technologies and apply these across Australia.

Visit the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website to find out more about industry-research collaboration, or to view the factsheet.

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