Work travel relates to travel undertaken by yourself or your employees for business purposes, outside the normal commute to and from the workplace.

In your business it is likely that at some stage you or your employees may be required to travel for work purposes.

Reasons for work travel

  • to meet with customers, clients or suppliers
  • to attend training and development courses or networking events
  • to work from an alternative business location.

Things to consider when travelling for work

There are a number of things to consider when preparing for business related travel. These may include:

  • creating and maintaining a business travel plan for your business
  • ensuring you and your employees travel safe for work during all interstate and overseas trips
  • making your employees aware of internal travel policies and procedures 
  • providing the required travel allowances to employees during work trips
  • understanding the tax deductions available for work and business related travel.

What to do...

Read more about business related travel expenses on the ATO website.

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