An early warning bushfire detection system and a real time building design program that cuts red tape are among 12 projects to share in $5.36 million of funding under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme’s latest Accelerating Commercialisation funding round.

Fireball.International Pty Ltd (QLD) will use its $500,000 of funding to help commercialise its innovation that can warn authorities and emergency services in as little as 3 minutes about the start of a wildfire. The innovation has the potential to significantly reduce the human, environmental, and financial cost of wildfires.

uDrew Pty Ltd (WA) will use its $508,567 of funding to market test and upscale their automated and real time building design platform for both residential and commercial projects. The platform automates government project approvals to reduce time, cost and red tape associated with construction.

Ingredient Innovations Pty Ltd (SA) will use its $546,121 of funding to achieve local and overseas sales of its revolutionary flavour delivery system. The extruded double encapsulation technology adds flavour and storage benefits to food products, while simultaneously enhancing the taste.

What projects are being funded?

The latest funded Accelerating Commercialisation grants will also assist:

  • Enosi Australia Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $491,362 to upscale and launch their renewable energy sales platform that enables consumers and businesses to source cheap renewable power direct from solar and wind farms.
  • Fire Sprinkler Technologies Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $607,500 to locally manufacture, achieve certification and sales of their Connected Sprinkler Head technology that is the world’s first innovation in the commercial and industrial fire sprinkler market for 40 years.
  • Global BM Platform Pty Ltd (SA) with a grant of $405,000 to upscale and globally launch their Workfacta business management platform that integrates management disciplines to enable businesses to better plan and track work performance.
  • XBert Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $350,000 to develop their AI xBert CONNECT software that automates many manual accounting processes for real time up-to-date visibility of SME finances.
  • Evolve Mvmt Pty Ltd (VIC) with a grant of $320,863 to achieve local and global sales of their physiotherapy device that optimises human shock absorption and enables medical specialists to analyse the results accurately.
  • Bygen Pty Ltd (SA) with a grant of $317,250 to commercialise their environmentally friendly process that turns waste into activated carbon for the environmental remediation industry.
  • Black Box Co Pty Ltd (QLD) with a grant of $304,120 to commercialise their whole-of-supply chain software that enables beef producers and industry to make insightful data-driven decisions.
  • ActiveXchange Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $300,338 to scale and commercialise their SportsEye platform for the community sport, leisure, aquatic and fitness sector to assist with facility planning.
  • Laava ID Pty Ltd (NSW) with a grant of $710,000 to commercialise its Laava Smart Fingerprints platform to protect the Australian food export industry from counterfeits allowing consumers to purchase with confidence.

What are the grants for?

The grants help businesses turn good ideas into marketable products through activities such as trials, upscaling and connecting with new markets.

Experienced Commercialisation Facilitators work with the businesses through the different stages of their business building process to guide and provide advice.

Since the launch of the Accelerating Commercialisation grants in 2014, 489 grants worth more than $235 million have been offered to Australian businesses.

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