Australian mining services companies growing with help from the Entrepreneurs' Programme

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Australian Ceramics Engineering and Whittle Consulting

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is a government initiative that helps promote competitiveness and productivity for Australian companies. A range of services under the Programme have helped two businesses, Australian Ceramics Engineering and Whittle Consulting to grow their businesses in the competitive mining industry.  

Check out the videos to find out more about their journey with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. 

The customer story videos

Australian Ceramics Engineering

Australian Ceramics Engineering is a supplier of innovative solutions to the mining industry in WA. The company engaged with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to help them improve productivity, quality, and the delivery performance of the company.

Whittle Consulting

Whittle Consulting are specialists in integrated strategic planning for the mining industry. The business engaged with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to undertake a business evaluation and help them refine their marketing to reach their target market.

About the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme uses private sector, experienced Business Advisers and Facilitators to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need. The support is tailored to the needs of the business to improve their competiveness and productivity, and to help them seek growth opportunities.

The Programme offers support to business through a range of services including:

  • Accelerating Commercialisation – helps entrepreneurs and researchers to commercialise their unique products, processes and services.
  • Business Management – provides advice and support to companies to help them improve their capabilities and networks.
  • Innovation Connections – provides businesses with access to expert technology advice to address technology and knowledge gaps.
  • Incubator Support – provides new and existing business incubators to assist Australian start-ups develop the capabilities required to succeed in international markets.

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