The Entrepreneurs’ Programme has teamed up with Whereto Research to take a closer look at how we can better communicate about the program, its benefits and how joining the program can support businesses looking to take the next step.

Through our survey, we hope to use the findings and customer insights to direct the refine the way we communicate to make sure it remains relevant, useful and effective. We want to continue supporting our client alumni as well as reach other business owners who are looking to grow and transform their businesses.

We are also interested in tapping into the opinion of owners and partners of growing businesses regarding the broader business landscape, so that they can better support businesses across Australia.

All responses will be treated confidentially and have no bearing on applications for the program, nor will the responses be shared with any government department, individuals or organisations and you will not be asked to provide personally identifying information. This survey is strictly for feedback and constructive purposes, to help the Entrepreneurs’ Programme improve their service.

Please take a few moments to share your opinions and ideas to help shape the future of the program.

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