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All businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Whilst many go to great lengths to protect their physical assets many do not take similar precautions with their digital information. A cyber security plan is essential for business success.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme has launched a webinar series to equip businesses with the knowledge and tools to incorporate cyber security into your business.

About the webinar series

It’s a 5 part webinar series which aims to reduce the myth or perception that cyber security is a complicated task.

You will learn from the webinars:

  • why small to medium enterprises are targeted by cyber attackers
  • simple steps to improve your level of cyber resilience
  • the types of threats that are facing small to medium enterprises
  • how to respond to an incident and legislative requirements
  • what you will need to consider when using the cloud
  • where to go for additional help and resources you can use. 

The webinars:

  • Webinar 1: cyber security for small to medium enterprises on 31 July 2017.
  • Webinar 2: the cyber threat landscape for small to medium enterprises on 15 August 2017.
  • Webinar 3: cyber security operational basics on 15 September 2017.
  • Webinar 4: developing an effective incident response capability on 27 October 2017.
  • Webinar 5: cyber security in the cloud and outsourcing on 24 November 2017.

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About the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme provides business support and advice to help businesses commercialise novel products, processes and services, as well as improve their productivity and competitiveness. Learning Events are offered by the Programme to build understanding of markets and management techniques, and embed capability in Australian small and medium enterprises. 

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